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Public Service

Community service has always been a passion for me.  I’ve lived in Greensboro, North Carolina for 33 years and worked with many neighbors and community groups to make the City of Greensboro a better place to live.  Throughout the years we have had some challenges, but we as a community kept our eyes on the mark and have experienced continuous and steady growth.  As a community, we’ve kept the White Street Landfill closed to household waste; built a state of the art technical and environmentally friendly McGirt-Horton library and after 17 years, redeveloped a dilapidated shopping center into our new Renaissance Shops featuring a Credit Union Bank and Pharmacy.   As a Councilman, I worked to increase economic development to attract new businesses, develop and sustain small businesses and nonprofits with an emphasis on minority businesses as well as improve public safety.  With two terms of city council experience, I understand what it takes to find solutions, how important it is to work together and navigate the complicated governmental agencies to help get things done.

On The Issues

North Carolina State Auditor
NC Chief Financial Officer
Ensure financial integrity
Ensure compliance with laws and regulations
Technical Assistance for financial management.

 Create more farmers & urban farms.
 Increase educational research.

Economic Development
 Promote entrepreneurship.
 Venture capital for small   businesses.
 Affordable housing for seniors,
veterans, teachers, 1st responders,
state employees and police.

Return on investment for students.
 Increase teacher pay.
  Increase security in our schools.

 Public Safety
 Increase security in our communities.
 Increase police and
1st responder pay.
 Pro Life.
Pro Business
 Protect the 2nd amendment.
Pro Citizen

 Businessman & Community Developer
 Greensboro City Council 2009-13
As GSO Councilman supported over $1.2B of business investment
that created 1900 jobs.
Developed quality-affordable housing.
Lowered tax rate / water bill.
Created incentives for college students to intern with city council members.
Liaison to Sports Commission, Community Housing, Human Relations &
East Market Street.

Current Board Member

One Step Further & Next Generation Academy.

 Previous Boards
Visitors - NC A&T SU
GSO Historical Museum
Board of Adjustments

Worked with San Diego Mayor Pete Wilson who
later became a Republican governor of California.

Proven Leadership

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